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Published specially on Maljevac's request.
I need to finish the stuff I started half year ago. Sigh.

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3x3 Ultra Magnus from Transformers Prime

Requested by fulcrumisthebomb

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Among other things, I’m quite pleased that Ravage is staying in the Lost Light.

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I just wanted to add color to that G1 Roddy sketch

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nervous laughter

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Saw some Rodimus/Drift hate on the tag so I decided to draw them being drunk and happy together UwU

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Finishedddd! Drift done in Manga Studio

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A pair of lovely ATCs I got from katyamondfische at TFcon Toronto!

My camera doesn’t do them justice; they’re gorgeous in person. The darker gold on Rodimus actually glitters when the light hits it!  She still has some for sale here and here.